Introducing Duxe: The 'Single Source Of Truth' for outcome-focused organisations. This game-changing project governance, reporting and engagement tool gives you control over which data you want to see, and when: to make the right calls and get the best outcomes. This lets you quickly identify and target where to monitor, measure and manage key aspects of the change process, and realise benefits faster. Duxe is what you need it to be. We've designed Duxe to be data, sector, strategy or circumstance agnostic. Just upload your data and it becomes the actions-based tool perfectly customised to your needs. Everyone has their own focus during change. Keep them on the same page, and on the same track. Whether you're the CEO, Transformation lead, PMO or Head of HR, you'll need the data that's right for your role and responsibility. Duxe lets you define what you need visibility on: from the big picture to the status of an individual activity.

Duxe enhances your ability to manage project controls, information and communication, so you can:

  • Effectively inform and engage the C-Suite
  • Better manage a broad stakeholder cohort
  • Efficiently track the progress of critical initiatives
  • Enhance people capability by increasing their capacity

Its functionality has been developed from 20 years of experience in engaging stakeholders, and communicating the key aspects of major change and transformation programs for organisations across the globe.

Knowledge is Outcomes

Duxe gives you clarity: on current and inter-dependent activities; progress of strategic priorities; what’s coming next; Sponsor and PM capability and what needs immediate attention.

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To make the right calls, you need a clear view.

Duxe allows oversight of all aspects of a project in one place, using layered content to provide multiple viewpoints, and filters to segment data for every level of the organisation. And you can benchmark any data based on the metrics you’ve set, to match your expectations of success.


Rich insights for time-poor leaders

When you’ve got a lot on your plate, wading through mountains of information isn’t efficient or beneficial. Having access to an ‘Executive Summary of an Executive Summary’ will give you the critical data to make the right calls and drive the best outcomes.


Bring cohesion to the 'hyper-variable' nature of change

We learned long ago that the change process doesn’t follow a defined or linear path so being flexible is critical to success. We’ve developed Duxe to be easily and quickly updated to provide clear, current data on a project’s health and direction.

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Transparency and accountability included

With its real-time data updates, inbuilt alerts, feedback mechanism, QA checkpoints and broad stakeholder oversight, Duxe keeps projects moving forward and people working to their optimum.

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Get everyone on the same page, in the one place

When everybody is busy concentrating on what they need to deliver, tunnel vision can set in. Duxe provides commonality of data and shared access to it, building consistency and cohesion into the process.

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Identify what's working, why it's working, and share it

With Duxe you can identify the high performers in the organisation, and how they apply themselves. This allows for knowledge transfer in the organisation to help low performers increase their capability and capacity.

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Backed by decades of change consulting experience

The principals of Duxe have high levels of expertise in assisting clients to define the best possible approach and deliver superior outcomes. Our consulting service can assist with a ‘sense-check’ at set-up and help embed quality engagement and communication strategies, an often overlooked but vital component of successful change.

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